Mr. Jealousy (1998)

MR. JEALOUSY has a premise with promise:  a guy (Eric Stoltz) is so
curious about his girlfriend's sexual past that he joins her ex's
therapy group!  The ensemble cast is appealing, too, as is the plea-
santly distracting narration.  But does it add up to anything?  Hell
if I know.  I grew tired trying to get a fix on the core story and
left after about an hour.  With Annabella Sciorra, Christopher Eige-
man, Carlos Jacott, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Brian Kerwin, Peter Bog-
danovich, and Bridget Fonda.  Noah Baumbach directs.  (Rated "R"/
103 min.) 

Grade: W/O

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Dribs and Drabs

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