The Object of My Affection (1998)

THE OBJECTION OF MY AFFECTION is about a straight girl (Jennifer 
Aniston) and a gay guy (Paul Rudd) and what happens when they try 
to have a romantic relationship, after having become best friends 
as a result of successful roommating.  Needless to say they crash 
and burn, which is how the latter part of this seemingly breezy 
romantic comedy plays.  The first half is all warm and fuzzy and 
might make you gag.  (Aniston and Rudd are just too pretty and 
their characters are too perky to be taken seriously.  I grew bored 
and began thinking about chipmunks.)  When the ball gets dropped 
and everyone begins hurting everyone else's feelings, TOOMA becomes 
infinitely more interesting.  And often funny, too.  By far, the 
best player is Nigel Hawthorne, who arrives late in the game as a 
theater critic also affected by the sexual shenanigans.  With John 
Pankow, Timothy Daly, Allison Janney, and Alan Alda.  Directed by 
Nicholas Hytner (THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE), from Wendy Wasser-
stein's adaptation of Stephen McCauley's novel.  (Rated "PG"/110 

Grade: B-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: May 3, 1998

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