The Opposite of Sex (1998)

THE OPPOSITE OF SEX has a bigger heart than it's wicked wit sug-
gests.  Expect to split your sides first, as those warmer, fuzzier 
scenes occur toward the end.  (Surprisingly, the shift from pitch-
black to user-friendly is entirely painless.)  With the exception 
of Lyle Lovett, who's as stiff as the woody I didn't get, the cast 
is very good.  (Mercifully, the one-time Mr. Julia Roberts only has 
a handful of scenes.)  My biggest bone (of contention):  Christina 
Ricci's fourth-wall-be-damned narration, which is too cutesy for my 
tastes.  With Martin Donovan, Ivan Sergei, Johnny Galecki, and an 
increasingly hilarious Lisa Kudrow.  Written and directed by Don 
Roos, whose screenplay credits include BOYS ON THE SIDE and SINGLE 
WHITE FEMALE.  (Rated "R"/105 min.)

Grade: B-

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: July 12, 1998

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