Palmetto (1998)

PALMETTO is a howl, but only at the end, when this oversexed, in-
creasingly implausible neo-noir thriller gets into the business of 
body disposal.  The rest of the tale-- involving a sad-sack writer 
(Woody Harrelson) duped into assisting a beautiful woman (Elisabeth 
Shue) with a fake kidnapping scheme-- is significantly less over-
the-top.  That is, 'cept for Shue, whose wiggle-while-your-work 
performance probably qualifies as camp.  Harrelson, on the other 
hand, underplays to the point of near-disinterest.  He's dreadful 
as the center of this type of movie.  And what's Gina Gershon doing 
here, in the straight role of the sympathetic girlfriend?  Thank 
God for Michael Rapaport, who livens up the finale with a few jugs 
of flesh 'n' bone dissolving acid.  Directed by our ol' TIN DRUM 
bud, Volker Schlondorff.  (Rated "R"/121 min.)  

Grade: D

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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