Psycho (1998)

...why?  Vincent Vaughn's hulking, too-happy Norman Bates, Anne 
Heche's provocatively exposed derriere, Viggo Mortensen's mush- 
mouthed drawl, and William H. Macy's comically distracting attire 
aside, the only *real* exception worth taking to Gus Van Sant's
"shot-for-shot" remake is his choice to set the darned thing in 
present day.  Simply, the smaller story details of 1960 just don't 
work in 1998.  Take Marion's first encounter with the Highway Pa-
trol officer.  In an era where everyone's armed *and* trigger hap-
py, we're to believe that an agitated motorist could try to drive 
away from a traffic stop without having a gun drawn on her?  Or, 
for that matter, that a trooper would just stand there, staring 
into a car while a detainee turns their back on them to rummage 
through their handbag??  The shot doesn't add up; the scene does-
n't add up; and, with too many other moments like that, the movie 
doesn't add up either.  At least Mother's appearance is worth 
staying awake for.  (How 'bout that spider!)  Of course, the real 
question is how long until some digital wizard blends footage from 
*both* movies?  Maybe Tony Perkins talking to Anne Heche?  Or Vin-
cent Vaughn menacing Janet Leigh??  Now *that* might be a fun mov-
ie to watch!  With Julianne Moore, James Remar, Chad Everett (!), 
James LeGros (spelled differently), and Robert Forester as the 
psychiatrist.  (Rated "R"/108 min.)

Grade: C-

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: December 6, 1998

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