The Replacement Killers (1998)

THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS is worth a walk-out.  Style and substance 
are at opposite ends of the spectrum in this Hong Kong action-wan-
nabe from first-time filmmaker (and former music-video director) 
Antoine Fuqua.  (Hey, isn't Antoine the name of Luke Skywalker's 
home planet?)  He certainly has his ducks in a row, I'll give him 
that:  Asian sensation Chow Yun-Fat (in his first American role), 
H.K. action master John Woo (FACE/OFF, BROKEN ARROW) as a producer, 
a few hundred thousand rounds of ammo waiting to be spent, and a 
script that's brimming with breaking glass, broken loyalties, tar-
geted cops, tall-drinks-of-water turned reluctant partners, and the 
requisite slow-mo gun battles.  And, yet... nothing happens.  At 
least nothing that kept us watching longer than 40 minutes.  (Rated 
"R"/88 min.)  

Grade: W/O

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: Catsup

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