Rushmore (1998)

RUSHMORE is one of the tastier leftovers from late last year, a 
surprisingly complex, character-driven comedy about an overachiev-
ing under-performing 15 y.o. prep-schooler (Talia Shire's son Jason 
Schwartzman), the recently widowed teacher he thinks he's in love 
with (Olivia Williams), and the equally smart-assed school benefac-
tor who comes between them (Bill Murray, never better).  Laughs a-
plenty in this one, plus a generous mean streak.  Director and co-
writer Wes Anderson's (BOTTLE ROCKET) film is also bigger-hearted 
than you might expect.  (And a bit too smug, too.)  Just don't ex-
pect much in the way of wackiness.  With Mason Gamble (remember him 
from DENNIS THE MENACE?), Sara Tanaka, Seymour Cassel (as Schwartz-
man's character's dad), and ol' durable Brian Cox as the long-suf-
fering school headmaster.  (Rated "R"/93 min.)

Grade: A-
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