Soldier (1998)

SOLDIER is as bad as, say, STARSHIP TROOPERS was good.  Paul An-
derson (EVENT HORIZON) directs this militant sci-fi suckfest, er, 
western starring Kurt Russell as the title character-- a 21st 
Century fighting man who was chosen for combat at birth, trained 
through his teens, and now, approaching age forty, has been re-
placed by a newer, genetically engineered model.  By turns, he's 
scrapped on a scrap planet, rescued by refugees, and banished by 
said refugees.  (He just ain't peaceable enough for their likes.)
Of course, when the bad guys (his old platoon) come a-callin', he 
comes a-runnin' and expectedly saves the day.  Yawn.  High-tech 
weapons, full-scale props, and Russell's well-worn-but-still-buff 
bod make for some visuals of interest.  The script-- by BLADE RUN-
NER and TWELVE MONKEYS typewriter David Webb Peoples-- is all 
cliches, including a Terminator-like turn for Kurt, who speaks 
maybe 100 words here.  (Beware a painfully slow midsection as 
well.)  By the bloody end-- a brutal mano-a-mano with Jason Scott 
Lee-- most folks will have come to their senses and left.  So... 
why didn't I?  Well, if it's any consolation, I did get my money 
back.  With Jason Isaacs, Connie Nielsen, Sean Pertwee, Michael 
Chiklis, and a very tired-looking Gary Busey. (Rated "R"/100 min.)

Grade: D-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: To Keep Away From

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