Sphere (1998)

SPHERE is almost satisfying, despite several off-putting elements, 
the most nagging of which is way too much close-in camera work.  
(In an already cramped setting-- an underwater habitat-- it renders 
the action almost impossible to follow.  Thank goodness this is a 
*character* driven piece.)  The script is probably a toughie, too, 
unless you've read Michael Crichton's novel.  (The story involves a 
crashed spaceship on the bottom of the ocean.)  On the upside, 
there's some good underwater photography, an impressive score (by 
Elliott Goldenthal), a ton of references to your favorite sci-fi 
flicks (ALIEN, THE ABYSS, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, etc.), and the 
not-so-small matter of star power.  Frankly, the presence of Sharon 
Stone, Dustin Hoffman, and Samuel L. Jackson goes a long, long way 
to keeping this affair afloat.  (Rated "PG-13"/116 min.)  

Grade: C  

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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