Two Girls and a Guy (1998)

I'm not sure of the purpose behind James Toback's TWO GIRLS AND A 
GUY.  Is it to watch Robert Downey Jr.'s character squirm, when 
confronted by two girlfriends (Natasha Gregson Wagner and the of-
ficially lovely Heather Graham) who don't know about each other?  
Is it to watch the women, who talk and behave like, well, people 
in bad movies?  (After he arrives, they... hang out in his apart-
ment.  And then... they have a friendly conversation!  And then, 
one of 'em has some sex, while the other waits in the living 
room!)  There's plenty more strangeness, all of which takes place 
in real-time, in a single setting.  (During readings from "Ham-
let," Downey drops the film's best line:  "I *am* the melancholy 
Dane.")  Far from unwatchable, TWO GIRLS is still a slow-go.  
Downey, however, gives a relatively amazing performance while 
getting called every imaginable name in the book.  (I'd love to 
see that list!)  But, you know, if you *really* wanna see some 
relationship sparks, stay home and watch Jerry Springer.  It's 
free *and* you can change the channel when they stop throwing 
chairs.  (Rated "R"/93 min.)

Grade: C-

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: He Shoots! He Doesn't Score!

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