The Waterboy (1998)

THE WATERBOY may not be the worst movie of the year, but it's got 
my vote as most tedious.  (And this coming from a PLEASANTVILLE 
survivor.  Ugh.)  Adam Sandler stars as a mush-mouthed Cajun col-
lege football flunkie whose promotion from "water distribution 
engineer" to chief tackler rescues the team, makes him famous, 
outrages his momma (Kathy Bates, exceptionally eccentric), and 
threatens to get him laid.  (And not necessarily in that order...)  
Director Frank Coraci worked with Sandler on THE WEDDING SINGER 
and, impossible as it sounds, they've dumbed themselves down even 
further.  A packed house of teens (on a Tuesday night!) roared at 
every sound-effects enhanced hit that Sandler's stunt double de-
livered.  (The, er, "funnier" of which are conveniently shown in 
the trailer.)  There are other sources of humor, thank God, from 
obvious sight gags to such surreal non sequiters as a Roy Orbison 
tattoo on someone's ass or, even weirder, the flashback sight of 
co-stars Henry Winkler and Jerry Reed in afros!  Scary.  With 
Fairuza Balk, a oddly accented Rob Schneider, and Clint Howard, 
whose mentally-challenged fan hollars the film's most memorable 
line "let's kick some names and take some ass!"  (Rated "PG-13"/90 

Grade: D 

Copyright 1998 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: November 16, 1998

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