After Life (1999)

TWIN FALLS IDAHO is all atmosphere, with a high Medical Curiosity
Factor (MCF).  Identical twins Mark and Mike Polish play conjoined
(AKA Siamese) twins who hire a hooker (Michele Hicks) during their
stay at a sleazy hotel.  She flees, then returns, then returns a-
gain.  Slow-moving romance ensues.  "Glacial pacing" was how one 
critic put it.  I agree...  AFTER LIFE is another nap-inducer, a 
Japanese import based on the oh-so-simple premise of asking the 
newly dead what single memory they wanna remember for all eternity.
Alas, cheap-o production values, too many talking heads, and a trio
of false endings make just *watching* this feel like an eternity.
Though my companion thought it exceptionally sweet-- she cried-- I
fell asleep.  Twice.

Grades: C (FALLS) N/A (AFTER)

Copyright 1999 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: October 3, 1999

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