American Movie (1999)

AMERICAN MOVIE is a delightfully droll documentary about Mark Bor-
chardt, an amateur Milwaukee filmmaker (and 30-year old paperboy!)
and his adventures in completing a long-unfinished horror short. 
Nearly every friend and family member eventually lends a hand, be 
they the aging uncle that he hits up for funds, or his dear mother-
turned-occasional-camera-operator.  It's a priceless, poignant tale 
that's also funny as Hell, usually as the result of one of Mark's  
motormouth rants.  (My fave:  the meaning of life, as reflected on 
while performing doo-doo detail at a funeral home restroom.)  Or, 
equally amusing, any screen appearance of his perpetually zoned 
best-bud Mike.  You'd swear this stuff was scripted...   (Rated "R"/
107 min.)
Grade: B

Copyright 2000 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: January 16, 2000

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