American Pie (1999)

AMERICAN PIE is a heartily raunchy, oft-explicit, no-name ensemble 
teen-sex comedy about four high-school seniors seeking to lose 
their virginity on prom night.  (Now *there's* an original plot!)  
One is a jock, one is a nerd, another has a girlfriend, and the 
other is a "normal guy."  (Well, okay, he does have a problem with 
his parents interrupting while, er, "oiling the droid.")  Like 
last summer's THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, AP seeks to shock and 
surprise by showing (or referring to) things not normally seen in 
an "R"-rated movie.  Such as a beer laced with Certain Bodily 
Fluids.  Or an apple pie that gets molested.  (Don't ask, but it's 
damn funny...)  What makes this one a longer sit than most is that 
the film itself is just as clumsy, awkward, and embarrassingly ob-
vious as the subject matter.  From acting to editing to tone to 
tempo, it's all over the map.  You'll wince, you'll groan, and you 
may try to climb underneath your seat.  But at least it's honest.  
Almost irrepressibly so...  With Jason Biggs, Thomas Ian Nicholas, 
Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Natasha Lyonne, Tara Reid, Mena 
Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, 
and a hilarious Eugene Levy as the advice-dispensing, deadpan dad.  
God Bless the Internet.  (Rated "R"/~90 min.)

Grade: C+

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