Anywhere But Here (1999)

ANYWHERE BUT HERE is an easy-going-if-episodic drama starring Susan 
Sarandon and Natalie Portman.  Plot:  mother drags daughter to Cal-
ifornia, from Wisconsin, and away from her friends, family, beloved 
cousin, and not-bad stepdad.  Anger ensues, along with a *lot* of 
resentment.  Especially after the pair are forced into the roles of 
roomies, best buds, and each other's protectors.  More laughs than 
expected in this one, plus plenty of tears (for those susceptible), 
and even a bit of blushing during an absolutely adorable adolescent 
love scene.  Predictable as Hell, sure, but Sarandon and Portman 
are great...   With Eileen Ryan, Ray Baker, John Diehl, Shawn Hatosy,
and Bonnie Bedelia.  Alvin Sargent adapted the screenplay from Mona
Simpson's novel.  Wayne Wang (THE JOY LUCK CLUB) directs.  (Rated
"PG-13"/114 min.)

Grade: C+ 

Copyright 1999 Michael J. Legeros
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