Blue Streak (1999)

BLUE STREAK is a loud, long, broad, bland, police-brutality-for-
laughs Eddie Murphy-style action-comedy starring Martin Lawrence as 
a formerly jailed jewel thief who returns to where he stashed his 
stash, only to find that was once a construction site is now the HQ 
of the LAPD.  Forced hilarity ensues, as Lawrence assumes the iden-
tity of a detective, is assigned a rookie partner, starts making 
busts, etc. etc.  Eh, if you're a Martin fan and haven't watched, 
say, 48 HRS. or BEVERLY HILLS COP in a while, you could probably do 
worse...   With Peter Greene, William Forsythe, David Chappelle, 
Nicole Parker, and Graham Beckel.  Les Mayfield (FLUBBER) directs.

Grade: C 
Copyright 1999 Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: September 19, 1999

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