Bowfinger (1999)

BOWFINGER, which opens next week, is the first-time teaming of 
Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy.  Martin wrote the script, Murphy 
appears in two roles, and Frank "Yoda Man" Oz (IN & OUT, DIRTY 
ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS) directs.  Heather Graham, Christine Baranski, 
and Jamie Kennedy co-star.  The plot accounts an aspiring, all-
too-shady filmmaker (Martin) following and filming a top action 
star (Murphy) without his consent.  As an unwitting participant, 
Murphy's character keeps being approached by odd people (actors) 
uttering odd things (dialogue from an aliens-are-us movie).  Com-
pounding the problem to the hilarious nth-degree is said charac-
ter's paranoia, for which he's undergoing therapy at a new-age 
treatment center!  (The latter a not-so-subtle slam of Scientology 
complete with cult members in pyramid caps!)  Silliness expectedly 
ensues, with Oz opting for a broader instead of firmer touch.  Thus, 
no person nor situation ever comes across as entirely "real," a 
deficit most noticeable when the story's sentimental streak kicks 
in.  (Equally annoying is the intrusive soundtrack, with pop songs 
played so loudly that they nearly drown out the dialogue!)  Still, 
with it's appealing cast, knowing script, and any number of great 
scenes, this is one of the must-sees.  You'll laugh; you'll shake 
a spear.  With Terence Stamp and, for a couple of scenes away from 
prison, Robert Downey Jr.  (Rated "R"/97 min.)

Grade: B-
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