Deep Blue Sea (1999)

DEEP BLUE SEA is dumb fin.  No wait, it's a long swim!  No wait, 
it's all wet!  The latest from Renny Harlin (remember him?) nets 
all too little in camp *or* shock value.  The well-flooded phy-
sical production effectively recalls James Cameron's *other*  
water movie, THE ABYSS.  And, occasionally, there's a memorable 
moment of something (usually human) getting chomped or chewed.  
(As well as a couple cool and occasionally chummy explosions.) 
Alas, too many CGI effects-- including numerous fake-looking shark 
shots--  ultimately sink this ship, as do all those dumb, dumb 
lines spoken by all those dumb, dumb characters.  For those who do 
take the plunge-- at afternoon price, I hope-- you'll get a couple 
good laughs.  My favorite good-bad moments:  the twitching foot, 
the frequent use of "go! go! go!" as dialogue, and when a woman's 
wetsuit is removed in the interest of... performing electrical 
work.  Hilarious.  With Samuel L. Jackson, slumming, Thomas Jane, 
Saffron Burrows, LL Cool J, and Michael Rapaport.  (Rated "R"/106 

Grade: D+ 

Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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