Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)

DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGOLO is deliriously dumb fun.  Plunger gags, 
poo poo gags, used condoms, erect penises, bare butts, wee tee's, 
kung-fu fighting with hookers in high heels, ice cream-eating dou-
ble takes in a hot tub, Norm Macdonald as a bartender (one scene 
only), and narcoleptic bowling.  It's all here and more-- no joke 
too low, no physical gag too obvious.  (And fired at such a rapid 
clip that the Tedium Factor is never a factor.)  Straight man and 
umpteenth "Saturday Night Live" alumni Rob Schneider-- as a cash-
strapped aquarium cleaner fish-sitting for a pay-to-play ladies' 
man-- takes most of the abuse.  He appears in an afro, stripteases 
using a floor lamp, and has his butt-crack hair ripped out at beau-
ty salon.  [ Insert appropriate sound effect. ]  He (and the audi-
ence) also gets an ear-full of profanity, be it a whacko cop (Wil-
liam Forsythe) who can't stop talking about his member, or a "date" 
afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome.  (She's a side-splitter, but 
it's the deadpan sex-slang-- "he-bitch," "man-whore," etc.-- that 
had this critic crying...)  Needless to say, no opportunity to be 
crude, rude, dumb, or dumber is missed and, yet, the only *real* 
eyebrow-raiser is the unusual amount of handicapped humor.  The 
mentally ill, the visually impaired, and others all take consider-
able lumps here.  (And considerably *funny* lumps, as evident by 
the dialogue-drowning laughter of a packed sneak-peek audience.)
However, the film's generous sentimental streak-- involving a sappy 
romantic subplot and its aw-shucks message of acceptance-- pretty 
much KO's any perceived cruelty.  No that that won't stop some peo-
ple from complaining.  Or protesting.  One question:  was that an 
unbilled Tina Louise as Deuce's first assignment?  Or Marlo Thomas?  
(Rated "R"/~90 min.)

Grade: C+

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