The Dreamlife of Angels (1999)

If this week's books-on-film, TARZAN and THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER don't 
interest you, I can recommend both THE WINSLOW BOY and THE DREAMLIFE 
OF ANGELS.  Regarding the former, writer/director/curse-word-choreo-
grapher-extraordinare David Mamet (THE SPANISH PRISONER) adapts Ter-
ence Rattigan's play about a true, turn-of-the-century British court 
case.  The big surprise: even in "G"-rated form, Mamet's rat-a-tat-
tat dialogue remains as wry as ever.  The cast is splendid, too, with 
Mrs. Mamet (Rebecca Pidgeon) a world warmer than the last time we saw 
her.  Don't expect a parliamentary procedural, tho.  This one's more 
an ensemble/family/romantic drama than a guided tour of Her Majesty's 
legal system...  And, in this over-hyped early summer of THE PHANTOM 
that neither the best effects nor the biggest budgets can compete 
with a couple of well-drawn, well-played "ordinary people."  Elodie 
Bouchez and Natacha Regnier star as two twenty-something-ers strug-
gling to survive on the lower rungs of life's ladder.  They meet, 
bond, grow closer, grow apart, and the entire process is infinitely 
more interesting than any spy spoof or Jedi night.  In Francais with 
English subtitles.

Grade: A- (both)

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