Felicia's Journey (1999)

FELICIA'S JOURNEY is a compelling, coolly-played character study  
about a sweet, young Irish woman (Eileen Cassidy) and a seemingly 
kind, older British gent (Bob Hoskins).  They meet in an industrial 
section of Birmingham, where's she walking about, fresh off the 
boat and trying to find the factory that her recently departed boy-
friend is working at.  Hoskins' character is a catering manager at 
a nearby plant and keeps bumping into the lass, initially pointing 
her in the right direction and, later, taking her under his wing.  
And as all of this is happening, we're shown flashbacks, first of 
her and later of him.  We're also shown more and more of *his* home 
life, such as his obsession with a 1950's cooking show.  Or how he 
videotapes young women riding in his car.  Curiouser and curiouser 
and, yet, all played with an emphasis on character.  Events (and 
revelations) unfold very calmly, with the hints of danger more at-
mospheric than overt.  This ain't a film about fireworks.  Rather, 
it's just the not-so-simply story of two people and how they cope 
with their burdens.  Atom Egoyan (THE SWEET HEREAFTER) writes and 
directs, from William Trevor's novel.  Mothers can be difficult.  
(Rated "PG-13"/116 min.)

Grade: B+

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