Galaxy Quest (1999)

GALAXY QUEST, which opens on Christmas Day, has *the* best comedic 
premise of the year:  the cult cast of a defunct "Star Trek"-like 
television series is mistaken for real intergalactic heroes by a 
race of channel-surfing aliens.  And not only have they come to 
Earth to enlist the aid of the convention-hopping has-beens, they 
have also built a working replica of the show's starship!  (Aye, 
there's even an transporter, thought it's never been "successfully 
tested.")  Adventure ensues, much of it expectedly hilarious.  Such 
as when Tim Allen's Commander Peter Quincy Taggart instructs his 
helmsman to "take her out" and the ship starts scraping the sides 
of the docking bay.  Or an amusing search for fuel on one of those 
ever-popular, California desert-looking "rock planets."  The ensem-
ble cast includes Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shaloub, 
and they're great bickerers.  (Gotta love Weaver's ever-lowering 
zipper, too!)  The mechanical mannerisms of the silver-clad, human-
impersonating aliens are good for quite a few laughs, as well.  In 
fact, the film's only glaring "off" moments are those increasingly 
frequent times that the story takes itself (too) seriously.  Syrupy 
strings start playing, characters threaten to get moisty-eyed, and 
entire sequences are rendered unwatchable.  Beam me outta there!  
Dean Parisot (HOME FRIES) directs.  (Rated "PG-13"/110 min.)

Grade: B

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