Happy, Texas (1999)

HAPPY, TEXAS is a quirky "dramatic farce" about a pair of escaped
convicts (Jeremy Northam and Steve Zahn) who impersonate a pair of
gay beauty pageant experts (!) while laying low in a small Texas
town.  (That the town has an under-guarded bank also keeps them
there.)  Hilarity-- much of it forced-- occasionally ensues, along
with several jarring turns toward the serious.  (William H. Macy's
local lawman bears the brunt of the latter.)  Throw in a little 
gunplay, one or two children's musical numbers, and the requisite
dead armadillo (whack!) and you've got one of the season's stranger
(and, frankly, less-than-satisfying) entries.  At least you get to
hear Northam acting all Alec Baldwin-y with an American accent.
With Ileana Douglas, Ron Perlman, and the lovely Ally Walker.  Mark 
Illsley co-wrote and directed.  (Rated "PG-13"/104 min.)
Grade: C+ 

Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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