Holy Smoke (1999)

HOLY SMOKE shows Kate Winslet and Harvey Keitel having sex, which 
might be reason-enough alone to just say no.  Ample nude footage of 
the ample Ms. Winslet also allows for a reflection on the nature of 
rail-thin (AKA supermodel) beauty.  Oh, there's a real movie in 
here, too, with an intriguing (if head-scratching) plot, several 
staggering Australian sunsets, and the unexpected transformation of 
the second main character.  You even get to see Harv wearing a 
dress!  Watch at your own risk.  Directed by Jane Campion, whose 
last film, THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY, inspired the Great Theater Nap 
of Ninety Seven.  Ah, to be back, dozing at the Chelsea...  With 
Pam Grier, Julie Hamilton, Sophie Lee, Daniel Wyllie, Paul Goddard,
and Tim Robertson.  (Rated "R"/114 min.)

Grade: C

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