In Dreams (1998)

IN DREAMS is a stunningly photographed, ripe-with-imagination, and, 
alas, utterly dull thriller about a fairy tale illustrator (Annette 
Bening) who shares an increasingly powerful psychic link with a 
child killer (Robert Downey Jr.).  She can read his thoughts and 
vice versa.  She can also see related future events, such as the 
abduction of her own young daughter.  Eh, even as a boo-fest it's a 
butt-number, but the images are occasionally unforgettable, such as 
the exploration of an underwater ghost town during the opening 
credits.  Or a brief-but-still-stomach-churning drive off the side 
of a dam.  Great (if unglamorous) performance by Bening, too.  If 
there's one real shock in the movie, it's hearing Neil Jordan regu-
lar Stephen Rea speaking with a Massachusetts-by-way-of-Chicago ac-
cent.  Aidan Quinn co-stars as the frustrated husband, while fam-
iliar face Paul Guilfoyle plays the skeptical cop.  Darius Khondji 
(SEVEN, EVITA) did the superb photography.  From Bari Wood's novel 
"Doll's Eyes."  (Rated "R"/110 min.)

Grade: C

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: January 17, 1999

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