Inspector Gadget (1999)

INSPECTOR GADGET is a hyper-imaginative, manic-ally monotone, 
live-cartoon kid's flick that ain't too terrible for adults, 
either.  (Think THE MASK married to, oh, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?)  
Super sound effects in this one, with visual wit out the wazoo 
and Rupert Everett having a high, hammy time as the villainous 
"Claw."  ("One word, like Madonna.")  Stay fully awake and you'll 
spot slighter amusements a-plenty, such as a hospital page for 
"Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard," a power-control knob that 
cranks to "11," (!) and a closing-credits cameo by Richard "Jaws" 
Kiel as a member of a "Minions Recovery Group."  Hilarious...   
With Matthew Broderick, Joely Fisher, Michelle Trachtenberg, and
Dabney Coleman.  David Kellogg (who's he?) directs.  (Rated "PG"/
75 min.)

Grade: C+ 

Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Baggy Briefs

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