The Iron Giant (1999)

THE IRON GIANT is a gem.  The affecting, unhurried, well-drawn, 
adult-themed, great-for-all-ages, atomic-era animated adaptation 
of Ted Hughes' children's book easily rates as one of the summer 
season's best.  You'll laugh, you might cry, and you'll probably 
applaud at the timely message about guns and violence.  Eh, if 
nothing else, expect Rosie O'Donnell to gush about it...  With 
voice credits including Eli Marienthal, Vin Diesel, Jennifer 
Aniston, Harry Connick Jr., Christopher McDonald, and James Gam-
mon.  Brad Bird, a "Simpsons" alumnus, makes his feature-film 
directing debut.  Recommended.  (Rated "PG"/80 min.)

Grade: A-

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