The Limey (1999)

THE LIMEY is both the new film from director Steven Soderbergh and 
the logical follow-up to his last, OUT OF SIGHT.  (Which itself is 
a continuation of the criminal... coolness from Barry Sonnenfeld's 
GET SHORTY and Quentin Tarantino's underrated JACKIE BROWN.)  Great 
Actor Terence Stamp, last seen satirizing a spiritual guru in BOW-
FINGER, plays a Cockney-bred (and sounding!) career criminal who 
arrives in La La Land. to (a.) find out what happened to his re-
cently deceased daughter and (b.) exact revenge on whomever was re-
sponsible (an ex-hippie record producer played to perfection by Pe-
ter Fonda, man).  Fun, funny, *and* increasingly affecting, this 
lean-and-at-times-mean (and *non* Elmore Leonard-adapted) thriller 
suffers only from an overload of "arty flourishes," e.g. too many 
time shifts, repeating scenes, and shaky camera shots.  Just get us 
from Point A to Point B, okay?   With Lesley Ann Warren, Luis Guz-
man, and a cameo by Bill Duke, as a DEA supervisor subjected to a 
hilariously incomprehensible monologue by Stamp.  Can someone 
please please please find a copy and forward?  (Rated "R"/90 min.)  

Grade: B
Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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