Lost and Found (1999)

Romantic comedy about guy who kidnaps girl-next-door's dog, starring
David Spade, Patrick Bruel, and one of the world's most beautiful
actresses, Sophie Marceau.  Spade is ridiculous as a romantic lead,
there's too much syrup and not enough shtick and the whole thing is
maybe a tenth as funny as previews and/or premise suggest.  That said, 
a doggie doo sequence is disgustingly hilarious, the kitchen-sink hu-
mor has something for everyone, and the cameos are fun, like Jon Lov-
itz as a "dog whisperer."  Jeff Pollack directs from a script by 
James B. Cook, Marc Meeks, and David Spade.  (Rated "PG-13"/ 95 min.)

Grade: D+

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