Man on the Moon (1999)

MAN ON THE MOON is an exceptionally fascinating (if entirely unaf-
fecting) look at the life, times, and early death (due to a rare
cancer) of comic/compulsive shit stirrer-upper Andy Kaufman.  
Weird movie, too, though more for its subject matter than any odd-
ball filmmaking.  (Such as the wacky, fourth wall-breaking intro-
duction.)  I daresay only BEING JOHN MALKOVICH has a more-sustain-
ed level of strangeness.  Jim Carrey gives the command impersona-
tion that you'd expect and he's backed by a vast cast of show-biz
regulars.  (Lorne Michaels, David Letterman, several folks from 
"Taxi," etc.)  Everything falls flat toward the end, though, as
the story starts soaking in sentiment.  Doesn't work one bit, but
at least the whole thing wraps in under two hours!  Well, in 118

Grade: B

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