Mansfield Park (1999)

MANSFIELD PARK is a smashing, serious, and often wickedly funny ad-
aptation of Jane Austen's (autobiographical?) 18th Century-set nov-
el about a lower-class girl (Frances O'Connor, a gem) raised by an 
upper-class family and how they (and, later, her suitors) react to 
her smart mind, sharp tongue, and unwavering strength of her con-
victions.  Such as when she declines a most profitable marriage 
proposal.  Fab cast; fab sets; fab screenplay by Patricia Rozema, 
who is also responsible for the hideous over-direction.  Enough 
with the slow-motion, already!  And that's writer Harold Pinter as 
Sir Thomas Bertram...   With Jonny Lee Miller, BICENTENNIAL MAN'S
Embeth Davidtz, Alessandro Nivola, Lindsay Duncan, Sheila Gish, 
James Purefoy, Victoria Hamilton, Justine Waddell, Hugh Bonnevil-
le, and Hannah Gordon Taylor.  (Rated "PG-13"/110 min.)

Grade: B+                

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