Mumford (1999)

MUMFORD is the latest from Lawrence Kasdan (FRENCH KISS, GRAND CAN-
YON), a light ensemble drama starring Alfre Woodard, Jason Lee, Ted 
Danson, Martin Short, Mary McDonnell, David Paymer, Kevin Tighe, 
and Hope Davis, most of whom play patients (or family members of 
patients) of an unassuming, quiet-keeping, doesn't-even-own-a-car 
small-town shrink (Loren Dean).  The catch, other than that his and 
the town's name are the same?  Well, Doc has issues of his own, the 
least of which is an apparent gross disregard for client confiden-
tiality.  (Mercifully, that one's explained early on.)  This one's 
a bit of a sit, due to a dull central character and an *extremely* 
difficult tone.  (Just what *are* we supposed to feel from scene to 
scene?)  A way too tidy ending doesn't do the film much justice, 
either.  (I like the abrupt attitudinal flip-flop of Mr. Short's 
character!)  The cast has their moments, though.  Several scenes 
have a genuine sweetness to them and, honestly my friends, that's 
something that doesn't suck.  (Rated "R"/111 min.)

Grade: C
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