The Omega Code (1999)

THE OMEGA CODE is the high-five howler of the year, a gloriously 
godawful Bible Code-based religious thriller that pits square-jaw-
ed, reedy voiced, Master Thespian Not! Casper Van Dien (STARSHIP 
TROOPERS) against Real (Hammy) Actor Michael York.  The former is  
a non-God-believing-but-still-Bible-understanding self-help guru; 
the latter a United Nations (?) leader-turned-world-leader-turned-
coming Antichrist.  The head-scratching, globe-trotting storyline 
has something to do with a three-dimensional translation of the 
Torah, the Seventh Seal of the Book of Revelations, and one last 
line of "code" that the bad guys want but don't have.  In addition 
to the "huh?" plotting, the dialogue's DOA, and the production val-
ues so poor that when an actor gets shot, the outline of the squib 
is visible under their clothes!  Oy, where's Demi Moore when you 
need her?  Maybe this one's meant for bible scholars who don't get 
out to the movies much...  At least the second hour picks up.  With 
Catherine Oxenberg, Gregory Wagrowski, and Michael Ironside, whose 
Hassidic disguise in the opening is itself almost worth the price 
of admission!  Robert Marcarelli directs and Stephan Blinn and Hol-
lis Barton are credited with a screenplay that actually has a bad 
guy yell to a good guy "we know you're in here!"  Woof!  (Rated 
"PG-13"/~100 min.)

Grade: F

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