Princess Mononoke (1999)

PRINCESS MONONOKE is an animated, samurai sword 'n' sorcery environ-
mental fable, imported from Japan and dubbed (expertly) into English
by an all-star cast.  Play Who's That Voice? and you'll likely recog-
nize Billy Bob Thornton and maybe Minnie Driver and maybe even Gil-
lian Anderson.  (Billy Crudup, Claire Danes, and Jada Pinkett also
contributed.)  Ace animation, adult subject matter, and an exception-
ally complex plot are the obvious assets here.  Those new to anime, 
like myself, may find themselves distracted by the trademark bland-
ly drawn facial features.  Same with the running time, which, at 
two hours and thirteen minutes, is certainly a patience-tester.  I 
made it about two-thirds of the way through before falling asleep.  
Lemme know how it turned out.

Grade: N/A

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