Random Hearts (1999)

RANDOM HEARTS pairs Harrison Ford (wearing an ear stud!) and Kris-
ten Scott-Thomas as a cop and congresswoman whose spouses are kil-
led in a plane crash.  Ford's character probes further and finds 
the two were having an affair.  He tells her, she doesn't want to 
hear, he presses the issue, and soon enough they're smooching in 
the back of a cab.  (Or some sort of passenger vehicle; I was 
half-asleep at the time...)  Each of the grief-stricken characters 
also has their own subplot:  he's trying to catch a long-chased 
bad guy; she's running for re-election.  Though *way* too monoton-
ously somber for my tastes, the first hour is an excellent primer 
on the victim notification process.  There's also an interestingly 
unsettling subtext on the subject of how everyone *else* often 
knows of an affair.  I wonder if that issue was explored further?
With a slew of supporting stars, including Bonnie Hunt, M. Emmet 
Walsh, Peter Coyote, Charles Dutton, and the director, Sydney Pol-
lock.  (Rated "R"/131 min.)

Grade: W/O

Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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