Run Lola Run (1999)

RUN LOLA RUN is an ultra-hip, way-inventive, and utterly unaffect-
ing German import about an urban-living banker's daughter who has 
twenty minutes to raise the 100,000 Marks need to save her boy-
friend's life.  And when that time is up, the story is rewound and 
Lola gets two more tries, SLIDING DOORS style.  (And each, duh, 
with a vastly different outcome.)  This one's an intriguer, I'll 
give it that.  And the dyed-red haired, babe-of-a-title-character 
(Franka Potente) is easy enough on the eyes.  With writer/director 
Tom Tykwer trying every trick in the book-- including some anima-
tion in spots-- the results are dazzling, at times exciting, and, 
a lass, more than a little dull.  I know my brain grew tired of 
trying to take it all in.  Maybe an on-screen stopwatch would've 
helped...   In German with English subtitles.  With Moritz Bleib-
treu, Herbert Knaup, Nina Petri, Armin Rohde, Joachim Krol, Ludger
Pistor, and Suzanne von Borsody.  (Rated "R"/81 min.)

Grade: C+                      

Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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