Sleepy Hollow (1999)

SLEEPY HOLLOW is another classic Tim Burton atmosphere piece, which 
means the mood is infinitely more satisfying than the story.  Or 
the characters...  Or any action sequence...  The visuals make this 
a must-see-- shot after stunning shot from Emmanuel Lubezki and all 
so breathtaking beautiful that you may fall right out of your seat.  
(Think moving oil paintings, at least for the exteriors...)  *I* 
certainly can't recall a lovelier-looking film, much less one with
as many lovely beheadings!  (They plop, flop, and spin by the double-
dozen.  And almost always shown *on* screen, for, heh heh heh, maxi-
mum effect.)  Narrative distractions include some weird waffling of
Johnny Depp's Ichabod Crane (he's brave, then he's weak, then he's
brave, then he's weak, etc.), an anemic love story starring Christina
Ricci (as a blonde!), and a *way* too-literal use of the Headless 
Horseman.  Come on, he ain't an action figure...  Boring score, too,
by Danny Elfman.  Michael Gambon, Miranda Richardson, Casper Van Dien,
Michael Gough, Jeffrey Jones, and Christopher Lee also appear.  (Rated
"R"/105 min.)

Grade: C+

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