South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1999)

What must be the bluest animated musical on record, SOUTH PARK: 
good, *very* funny absurdist comedy about free speech and the ex-
treme consequences of blame-shifting.  Every bad word in the book 
is included here, as are numerous racial, political, and celebri-
ty slams.  (Bill Gates gets a bullet in the head!)  There's blood 
and guts and barf and poop; yellow snow, talking sex organs, and 
even bedroom banter between Satan and Saddam Hussein.  (They're 
lovers, of course.)  As proven in last year's far-less-polished, 
live-action ORGAZMO, filmmakers Matt Stone and Trey Parker don't 
appear to hold anything sacred.  (I dread their definition of "too 
far.")  The plot involves an "R"-rated flick from Canada (ASSES ON 
FIRE) that the boys sneak into see.  Fascinated by the f-word and 
its many variations-- all of which are spoken in the movie-- they 
quickly spread the word.  As the stream of profanity and resulting 
outrage grows, the kid's moms start a campaign to blame... Canada.  
From there, the government imprisons ASSES' actors, war breaks out 
when the Canucks bomb the Baldwins (!), and Satan and his sweetie 
see an opportunity to rule aboveground.  Add Kenny's adventures in 
the afterlife, another boy's search to find the clitoris, and at 
least a dozen musical numbers-- most of 'em show-stoppers-- and 
you're sure to be in tears (or frothing at the mouth) at one of 
the year's most inspired and anarchistic comedies.  Go ahead, take 
your mother.  In addition to the regulars from the Comedy Central 
television series-- which I've never seen-- voice credits include 
Brent Spiner, Minnie Driver, Dave Foley, Eric Idle, and, huh huh 
huh huh, Mike Judge.  (Rated "R"/~90 min.)

Grade: B

Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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