Stir of Echoes (1999)

STIR OF ECHOES is a not-bad adaptation of author/"Twilight Zone" TV-
scribe Richard Matheson's 1958 novel about a blue collar bud (Kevin 
Bacon) whose brain backfires after getting hypnotized at a party.  
Among other things, he starts seeing dead people, which comes as no 
surprise to his even more creepily endowed young son.  ("Daddy, don't 
be afraid of it...")  Shades of THE SIXTH SENSE?  Yes, but with big-
ger boo's, a more easily deducible mystery, and a far, far, *far* 
less-satisfying ending.  (I also took offense to the inconsistent 
writing of the wife's character.  One minute she's seeking answers;
the next she's an unsympathetic skeptic.  Huh?)  And that's Matheson's 
novel "The Shrinking Man" that the babysitter's reading.  Veteran 
screenwriter-turned-director David Keopp (THE TRIGGER EFFECT) adapts.
With Kathryn Erbe, Illeana Douglas, and Kevin Dunn.  (Rated "R"/100

Grade:  C+

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