The Straight Story (1999)

THE STRAIGHT STORY is the true story of Alvin Straight, a crusty, 
cane-walking, 73-year old Midwestern widower (and World War II vet) 
who in 1994 drove a riding lawnmower some 300 miles across Iowa, to 
visit his long-estranged, recently stroke-suffering brother in Wis-
consin.  In-the-bag Oscar nominee Richard Farnsworth (himself push-
ing eighty!) plays Alvin, while Sissy Spacek co-stars as Rose, his 
"some people would call her slow" older daughter slash housemate.  
David Lynch (BLUE VELVET) directs this tidy, terrific tale of trac-
tors, brothers, physical age, and pride-swallowing and, despite 
both the "G" rating (!) and the Walt Disney logo (!!), it's chock 
full of Lynch's odd details and off-kilter rhythms.  (Some of which 
are arguably *too* odd, like the enraged driver of a deer-hitting 
car who could've stepped right out of WILD AT HEART.)  And bring a 
box of hankies or two, as the peacefully potent subject matter per-
iodically reaches out and gently whaps you into tears... 

Grade: A- 

Copyright 1999 Michael J. Legeros
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