Summer of Sam (1999)

SUMMER OF SAM is an exceptionally engaging, high-energy drama-
with-comedy slicing up life in the Bronx, in an Italian-Ameri-
can community in the hot, scary summer of '77.  Spike Lee's 
latest "joint" is fab for the first 90 of its 135 minutes.  
Too bad he doesn't know when to say when...  Screenplay by Lee,
Victor Colicchio, and Michael Imperioli.  With John Leguizamo, 
Adrien Brody, Mira Sorvino, Jennifer Esposito, Anthony LaPaglia, 
Bebe Neuwirth, Patti LuPone, Ben Gazzara, Joe Lisi, and Michael 
Badalucco.  (Rated "R"/142 min.)

Grade: B-                                                                         

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: July 18, 1999.

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