Tarzan (1999)

TARZAN is also a bit of a sit, I'm rather surprised to report.  Dis-
ney's animated, non-musical adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough's oft-
filmed tale tries to have it both ways, as a serious action-adventure 
and as a family-friendly formula film.  I don't know that it's too 
terribly successful at either.  When something serious happens, in-
variably Phil Collins starts singing on the soundtrack or some wacky 
supporting character pops out of the foliage.  Alternately, when 
something silly happens, it's allowed only up to a point.  These in-
congruous elements are not sore-thumb distracting, mind you, but they 
are annoying.  As is the predictable familiarity of the whole thing. 
Phil's songs sound like LION KING leftovers; Rosie O'Donnell and 
Wayne Knight's ape-and-elephant pals play like THE JUNGLE BOOK, etc.  
The computer-enhanced depictions of vine-swinging and branch-surfing 
are probably worth the price of admission, though.  And, as a someone 
who read all 24 of Burroughs' books in college, I wouldn't complain 
too loudly Disney if made a sequel or two or three.  With the voices 
of Tony Goldwyn, Glenn Close, Lance Henriksen, Brian Blessed, Nigel 
Hawthorne, Alex D. Linz, and Minnie Drive as Jane Porter.  (Rated 
"G"/~90 min.)

Grade: B

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Read 'Em and Weep.

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