The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR pairs Pierce "Bond" Brosnan with living 
mannequin Rene Russo (GET SHORTY, LETHAL WEAPON 4) in the roles 
originally originated by Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.  Russo is 
less plastic than expected, I'm pleased to report, though her re-
lentless coif and cosmetic work doesn't always help her look hu-
man.  (Gotta love that perfectly made-up morning-after!  LOL.)  
She shows some skin, too, in a couple of matter-of-fact topless 
scenes.  (Woody Factor: 4.2)  Brosnan is all smarts 'n' suave and, 
for my money, much better-utilized than in either of his less-im-
pressive double-o ordeals.  Rounding out the cast are supporting 
stars Denis Leary and Frankie Faison, providing quasi-comic relief 
as the New York detectives trying to piece the pieces together.  
(For Thomas Harris fans, Faison is the actor who played asylum at-
tendant Barney in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.  His character plays a 
pivotal role in Harris' new novel "Hannibal.")  Oh, and I suppose 
it's worth mentioning that Ms. Dunaway herself has an extended 
cameo as... the title character's therapist!  (Plot: bored bil-
lionare businessman slash art collector takes a stab at stealing.)  
Despite one or two or three too many hoop-jumps by the plot, TCA 
is engaging, amusing, and often drolly funny.  And though a bit 
too cool to the touch at times, it's still nearly entirely satis-
fying.  Recommended.  And that's Bill Conti who composed the busy-
assed score.  John McTiernan (DIE HARD WITH A FRANCHISE) directs. 
(Rated "R"/109 min.)

Grade: B
Copyright 1999 by Michael J. Legeros
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