Backstage (2000)

BACKSTAGE the movie, is not entirely groovy.  Cheerfully profane, 
sure, but the dialogue's a big blur.  What are they sayin', on 
stage when they're rappin'?  They even test our stamina when talk-
ing to the camera!  (The film is a recount of a concert tour pack-
age, a hip-hop showing of several thousand wattage.)  Everyone's 
quite cheery, so if you're expecting dreary, go off somewhere and 
gripe, 'cause this ain't no stereotype.  (Most of the fightin' on-
screen is just joshin', though the stills of Mr. Smalls suggest 
other, graver falls.)  Boom boom goes the bass, every rapper makes 
a face.  Some sit, smokin' pot; others hide, camera-caught.  DMX, 
he plays with toys, other artists bring their boys.  Groupies 
grope in public places, heads concealed with smiley faces.  (Com-
puter graphics, kinda creepy in a way, though keenly inventive I'd 
honestly say.)  The tone is nearly tongue-in-cheek and slightly 
overblown, with precious few Spinal Tap-worthy moments shown.  
Like the opening credits, so seriously laughable, to rappers on 
wires hanging overhead in Montreal.  Do wish the movie would've 
answered one thing:  do rappers' arms stay crooked after yo-yo-yo-
ing?  As a lifelong metalhead, I suppose I'm probably biased, es-
pecially with a docu-film that ain't exactly fly-est.  With a bet-
ter sound recording, eh, it might've gone further, but for Yours 
Very Truly, as I said, it was a big blur.  Word.  (Rated "R"/~90 

Grade: C

Copyright 2000 by Michael J. Legeros
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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: MC Jay Jay Mikemaster Mike

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