Battlefield Earth (2000)

BATTLEFIELD EARTH, a self-proclaimed "Saga of the Year 3000," the 
sci-fi howler that casts John Travolta as a ten-foot tall, dread-
locks-wearing, aristocratically-accented Earth-conquering alien 
with dirty teeth, isn't *nearly* as knock-down, drag-out, so-bad-
it's-good awful as, say, SPEED 2: CRUISE CONTROL.  (Remember that 
gem?  Sandra Bullock in high heels and chain saw?)  In fact, the 
PLANET OF THE APES-inspired premise-- cave men discover the truth 
about their "gods"-- is rather compelling.  And, to be fair, the 
make-up effects are occasionally kick-ass.  (I said occasionally.)
As for everything *else* in this fresh-roasted turkey-- from the 
increasingly ludicrous-and-then-some script to the director's in-
ability to effectively film even a *single* action sequence-- it's 
the stuff of Golden Raspberries.  So what was *your* favorite 
laugh out-loud moment?  That the aliens believe in Hell was good 
to me.  Pass the thousand year-old ammo...  Based on the novel by 
L. Ron Hubbard.  [ Insert own Scientology slam. ]  Roger Chris-
tian, who headed the second unit on THE PHANTOM MENACE but doesn't 
appear to have learned anything, directs.  

Grade: D
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Originally posted to triangle.movies in MOVIE HELL: May 14, 2000

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