Bounce (2000)

BOUNCE, a Ben Affleck-Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle about a guy who falls 
in love with the widow of the guy he gave his doomed airline ticket 
to-- takes it's tear-jerky, melodramatic premise and runs like Hell 
with it, starting with a startlingly intelligent script that's both 
realistic and casually surprising.  (Despite the inherent predicta-
bility of the plot, the story consistently takes slight, unexpected 
turns.  Such as one character's stay at a drug and alcohol rehab 
clinic.)  The lop-line leads are excellent, of course.  Affleck is 
his usual, swaggering, so-cocky self, just less so; Lady Paltrow 
dons jeans and t-shirts for a earthier change of pace.  (Well, as 
earthy as such fine, flawless cheekbones permit...)  Super support-
ing cast, as well.  Joe Morton, Tony Goldwyn, and a bratty Johnny 
Galecki fit into place perfectly, among others.  (The single sore 
thumb is Jennifer Grey, overacting as a flirty airline employee.)  
Sure, the whole thing's old, old hat-- Guy With Secret To Tell Girl 
Falls Before Telling--  but it's a nearly, entirely, one hundred-
percent pleasant trip to get there.  Now for the nits...  Be pre-
pared for some stumbling around the 75-minute mark, as the story 
starts straining under the weight of so much character baggage.  
Romance has blossomed by then, but we're left a little confused a-
bout how far "things" have progressed.  Are they hot 'n' heavy?  
Or just spending a lot of time together?  Also, Affleck's character 
chimes in all-of-a-sudden-like regarding a desire to date.  Where'd 
that come from?  And why no exploration of his character's likely, 
low-level frustration at hearing hubby's name over and over again?
Eh.  Now, for you disaster junkies, as in UNBREAKABLE, the precipi-
tating tragedy occurs off-screen.  Sigh.  Maybe we'll get to see 
some raw, simulated carnage in CAST AWAY, when Tom Hanks' (cargo) 
plane goes down in a couple weeks.  With Alex D. Linz, David Dorf-
man, Caro-line Aaron, and babe-o-licious Natasha Henstridge for a 
few scenes. (Rated "PG-13"/115 min.)

Grade: B

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