The Cell (2000)

THE CELL, which opened *last* Friday, is an artfully dull excursion 
into David Fincher territory that casts Jennifer Lopez as a child 
psychologist who enters the mind of a serial killer (Vincent D'Ono-
frio) to establish the whereabouts of his latest victim, a young wo-
man enduring 40 hours-and-counting of automated torture and eventual 
death.  (The device resembles a glass-walled jail cell, until it 
slowly starts filling with water.)  Overall there ain't a damn bit 
of dramatic tension in this one; the character introductions, howev-
er, are interesting-enough.  Same with the forensic and SWAT proced-
ures that follow.  Alas, once we get down to the surreal business of 
mind-versus-mind, about the only reason to keep watching is curious-
ity.  What will director Tarsem Singh's *next* grotesque image be?
Like the horizontal suspension of a human body via flesh-piercing 
rings.  Or a still-living horse cadaver split (and separated!) into 
several vertical, viewing sections.  (Go ahead, take an equestrian.)  
Not sure what would make this more compelling.  Show more of Ms. Lo-
pez, if you know what I mean?  Add heaps of morbid humor?  Cut away  
more often to the young woman's torture?  Yeah, that's the audience 
I want to watch this with...  Nice, professional cast, though.  As 
for Ms. Lopez, she neither impresses nor embarrasses.  She's just... 
there.  Familiar.  Glamorous.  What more do you need?  I left after 
an hour, bored.  You tell me how it turned out.  (Rated "R"/105 

Grade: W/O

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