The Crew (2000)

THE CREW, a comedy opening Friday, stars the seemingly can't-miss 
cast of Richard Dreyfuss, Burt Reynolds, Dan Hedaya, and Seymour 
Cassel as retired "wiseguys" wasting away in Miami Beach and who 
cause their first real ruckus in years after leaving an already-dead 
body (with post-mortem mutilation via shotgun blast) in the lobby of 
their rent-increasing apartment.  They *do* get their price break.  
They also learn that said stiff was the father of a local-living Co-
lombian drug lord.  Uh oh.  Barry Sonnenfeld, director of the far,  
*far* funnier South Florida farce GET SHORTY, produced this Geritol 
turkey that's 100-percent pure dreadful, thanks to such unnatural 
additives as Dreyfuss' distracting narration, Reynolds' bored-look-
ing performance, several unnecessary flashbacks, a cutesy-pair-of-
bickering-ex-lover-cops subplot, and all these macabre, raunchy, or 
cartoon-comic details.  Like the rodent's-eye view of a rat running 
through the walls of a house, its tail trailed by a burning, gas-
soaked string.  (Don't ask.)  *You* sit and watch this one 'till the 
end; I saw all *I* needed in the space of forty-five minutes.  With 
Carrie-Anne Moss, Lainie Kazan, and thespian extraordinaire Jennifer 
Tilly as... a showgirl.  Now *that* is a stretch.  Michael Dinner 
directs.  (Rated ? / ? min.)

Grade: W/O

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