Dr. T and the Women (2000)

DR. T AND THE WOMEN, not to be confused with the 1953 Dr. Seuss mu-  
sical THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T, is Robert Altman's latest, an un-
affecting, uninteresting dramatic comedy starring Richard Gere and a 
gaggle of assorted A-list actresses.  He's a Dallas gynecologist; 
they include his mentally ill wife (Farrah Fawcett), his bridal-
planning daughters (Kate Hudson and Tara Reid), his office manager 
(Shelly Long), and the attractive new golf pro at the country club 
(Helen Hunt).  Nearly everyone affects a drawl, including Gere, who 
tries one on once or twice.  The ladies all overdress, 'cept Hunt, 
parading around like peacocks with their furs, fancy hats, and high-
styled 'do's.  The effect is expectedly comic.  Unfortunately, the 
effect is also near-farcical, which, in turn, impacts believability.
(Don't think this one's supposed to be a satire.)  Gere comes to the 
closest to portraying a real character-- his comparable calmness, in 
fact, makes him seem as if he stepped out of another movie.  Too bad 
he's so... emptily affected by the events supposedly affecting him.
Sigh.  Altman also adds clunky symbolism, a tour of a certain grassy 
knoll outside a certain book depository, and some unfunny comic com-
motion in the doc's inexplicably always-crowded waiting room.  Over-
all, yawn.  I left after 90 minutes, though not before nothing that 
this is the perfect film for goosing cocktail parties.  Bring a kid, 
so they'll later ask in their loudest voice and hopefully in mixed 
company "Mommy, what's a speculum?"  (Rated "R"/118 min.)

Grade: W/O 

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: Three For Three

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