Final Destination (2000)

FINAL DESTINATION is a not-terrible thriller about a group of teens 
(plus one teacher) ejected from an international flight, after one 
of the kids has a vision of an air-disaster.  (Flames, bodies, gap-
ing holes in the fuselage, etc.)  He raises a ruckus and gets both 
himself and the others thrown off.  The plane takes off and prompt-
ly explodes.  Everyone freaks.  There's a funeral.  And the kid is 
ostracized... until the survivors start dying.  Does he know the 
answer to "who's next?"  Some good jolts (watch out for that bus!) 
and a pair of splendid Rube Goldberg-inspired accidental deaths are 
the high points here.  Far harder to endure is a story that takes 
itself so seriously.  Ick.  And then there's the cast-- a bunch of 
young male actors who look so much alike that it takes half the 
movie to start telling them apart!  With Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, 
Kerr Smith, Seann William Scott, Amanda Detmer, Kristen Cloke, and 
Chad E. Donella, none of whom I've heard of before.  (Rated "R"/93 
Grade: C+

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Originally posted to triangle.movies as MOVIE HELL: March 26, 2000

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